We would like to say “Thanks” to the Collectives and Cooperatives on the front line of the Medical Marijuana movement. We couldn’t have safe access to our medicine without you, and you should not have to pay thousands to advertise. It’s that simple. In appreciation of those on the front line, we offer the 420 Club.

The 420 Club is an extremely feature-rich offer for an astonishingly low price. Here’s what you get:

  • Featured Listing for One Year. Your listing appears on top of the other listings.
  • Verified Listing for One Year. Viewers of your listing will see a special stamp marking you as a Verified listing, improving new-customer confidence. We’ll need to see some paperwork to verify your listing, but that’s quick and painless.
  • 420 Club Membership Seal. The 420 Club membership seal appears on your listing, further separating your business from the pack.
  • 420 Club Members Page. The 420 Club enjoys its very own unique page on the website, ensuring 420 Club Members will be among the TOP VIEWED listings on the site.
  • Social Media Awareness. Each new 420 Club listing is cross-posted as a story on Facebook, giving your business additional visibility to friends of MyMarijuanaComunity1
  • Full META (Keyword / Description) Editing. This is a very powerful feature, granting you full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) access to your listing. Get creative with your keywords to separate your business from ALL the competition.
  • 420 Banner Pricing. 420 Club Members may opt-in to a unique banner advertising opportunity: Get 3 Months of full banner advertising, geo-targeted to the city of your choice, for only $420!
  • 15% Discounts. 420 Club members receive 15% discounts on all other services, including large area banner campaigns, web site development, graphic design services, and more.
  • Unlimited Editing. Edit your listing as frequently as you like for no extra fees.
  • Respond to Reviews for Free. We can’t believe anyone would charge for that, anyway!

That’s a lot of good stuff for about a buck a day, and we think our dispensaries and small business owners are worth every penny of it!

Price: $420 for the year!

Does that seem like a lot to give for a buck a day? You bet it is! That is why we only offer it to 42 businesses!

To get started, call (619) 446-9786 & let us know you’re signing up for the 420 Club. We will do the rest for you!

Program restrictions or requirements:

The 420 Club memberships are limited by region, as follows:

  • San Diego: 42
  • Los Angeles: 42
  • SF/Oakland: 42
  • Denver: 42
  • Other Areas: 42 per state (may change as MMJ laws expand)

Note: Please ask your sales representative if a 420 Club Membership is available in your area.

If Club Membership is full for your area, you can still get great advertising options for your business. Talk to a sales rep for details.

How to Sign Up

If you feel the 420 Club (or our standard service) is right for you, here is how you sign up:

1. Visit http://www.mymarijuanacommunity.com and click the big green JOIN button on the right hand side


2. Fill out the User Registration form. Make sure you choose “420 Club” as your member group. Also, if you have any trouble reading the ReCaptcha letters, try clicking the Refresh Icon (two small arrows going in a circle) to get new words.


3. If you did everything correctly, you’ll be presented with this popup.


4. (Credit Card Only) PayPal does a good job hiding the link to pay with a regular credit card. The picture below shows where to click to be taken to the credit card processing page. Note: A correct screen will show US Web Advertising (our parent company) as the recipient. This is correct.


5. (Credit Card Only) Clicking the Pay With Credit Card link will take you to a page where you must fill out all your credit card info. The image below is a snippet of the screen you will see. Fill in all credit card info, and click the Submit button on the bottom (not shown below). Note: We have heard PayPal just started forcing Credit Card users to sign up for an account during the payment process. If this happens to you, it’s about a 30-second addition (email & desired password) to the existing steps. No big deal.


6. (PayPal Payment) If you prefer to pay with your PayPal account, simply log in, and you’ll be taken directly to the payment screen. Note: A correct screen will show US Web Advertising (our parent company) as the recipient. This is correct.


7. You should get a “Successfully Signed Up” screen from PayPal:


8. You’ll be redirected to the Home Page of http://www.mymarijuanacommunity.com. Login using your chosen username and password. If you already forgot your username and password, check your email. The system should have sent you a reminder by now.


Now What?

You’re all signed up! Now what do you do?

Call (619) 446-9786 & let us know you’re signing up for the 420 Club. We will do the rest for you!

The 420 Club is not an automated club. It’s a serious set of features for serious business owners. Not only do we need to thank you for signing up, we need to verify your business, make sure your listing is properly set up and visible, and ensure all of your questions are properly answered.

Now you’re really all done. Go be prosperous and please let us know if we can do anything at all to help your business grow.