I sat down today, intent on writing a review of my new Da Budda vaporizer. I’ve been excited to receive this one, as I recently went through “vaporizer trauma” when my cheapo $70 “brown box” acquired the newfound skill of “not functioning whatsoever.”

Now for some, this wouldn’t be a big deal. After all, you can always burn one, right? Wrong. For some inexplicable reason, I absolutely detest the taste of burnt herb. If I can’t vaporize, I typically don’t medicate at all.

To help me with my troubles, my friend let me borrow his fancy schmancy digital vape. Cool! Oh, and thanks man… seriously.

What an upgrade from my old vape! His $200 DigiVapor was quite a bit nicer than my old “brown box,” plus it had a cool temperature gauge.

But after borrowing the poor guy’s vaporizer for a few months, I started to feel a little guilty. Time to buy one of my own, right?

So I got on VapeWorld.com and did a little research.

My mission: To find a good quality vaporizer for $200 or less. After a bit of looking I found my nugget: Da Budda by 7th Floor. It had a ton of good reviews and looked sleek and sturdy. The only downside? Some people claimed a learning curve for obtaining a proper draw.

I decided. I bought. I waited.

Today it came in the mail. And I’ve been looking forward to testing it!

My first pleasant surprise was the actual packaging. Da Budda comes packed in a high quality zippered and cushioned “couch” with pockets for accessories. A sturdy zipper on the side allows easy access to the vaporizer within.

Inside this decidedly plush container is the vape: A shiny cylindrical tower of thick, brushed aluminum. Everything from the thick metal and glass, to the astonishingly long power cord, smells of good quality.

The “whip” parts are stored individually in separate inside pockets (you put the whip together yourself). This is where my first big surprise came in. This is really thick tubing! Easily 3-4 times bigger in diameter than my last two vapes. The glass “wand” is a visible magnitude of quality higher than what I’m used to.

At this point, I’m starting to think I made a very good purchase!

Now, the pieces need to be put together: the wand, the tubing, and the glass mouthpiece. Getting the tubing into the wand gave me a little trouble. The tubing is almost exactly the same diameter as the hole in the wand, and the rubber was resisting entry at all costs. Then I realized I was an idiot and wet the end with my mouth. It slid right in, and stuck in place.

Now the next part was interesting. The manual suggests grinding the herb and then simply sucking the herb into the heating chamber. This turned out to be very easy, probably because the tube allows so much airflow. A mesh screen holds the herb in place. And, because of the small “bowl” in the wand, I ended up using about half of what I would normally grind.

Meanwhile, I turned on the vaporizer with the single metal knob. This was the only part of the vaporizer that disappointed a little bit. The knob was not very smooth – it got a little “grindy” on the last 1/3 of the turn. Maybe it’s hitting the metal a little bit? I couldn’t really tell, but it certainly wasn’t as smooth as I had expected. I’m hoping it wears off with a little use.

Once Da Budda was heated up (I dialed it to about 11 o’clock), I plugged in the whip. Time for the moment of truth. Remember what the reviews said? Learning curve? Let’s see how I do.

The tube is so huge I was able to take a perfectly natural-feeling breath. Not hard. Not slow. Just normal. So that’s exactly what I did. I was immediately rewarded with a beautiful cloud of very tasty vapor. Three draws later, I was still receiving nice levels of vapor, a huge grin on my face, and a big thought in my head: “This works WAY better than my old vape!”

Da Budda is simply a higher level of vaporizing experience.

The herb tasted better, too. I really feel sometimes that the flavor of my preferred remedy tastes overly “piney.” The same herb in Da Budda had a distinctly more “floral” taste than I normally get. If anyone else has had the same experience when switching to a higher quality vape, I’d be interested in reading your comments.

I almost forgot. Vapeworld threw in a really nice grinder (it’s a lot fancier than mine – I don’t even know what a couple of the parts are for) and a cool metal stirring stick with a glass handle.

I paid $199 for this vaporizer, plus the basic shipping and handling. That’s pretty cheap, when I consider the huge increase in quality this device represents to my medicating experience. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Anyone with chronic medical issues already understands: you want the best treatment possible.

Would I recommend Da Budda to people? You bet. This baby is head and shoulders above what I was using before, and what I was using before was really, really good! Everything about this unit, all the way down to its packaging, suggests somebody really cared about quality. I’m a little bummed about the scratchy knob, but it’s possible it will go away with time. Overall impressions? Great quality. Great taste. Great results. That’s about as close to perfect as a guy can ask for.

Now off I go to try it again…