Why We Verify Listings

Each business on our site contains a set of verification information at the very top of their listing. This information consists of a large logo depicting their verification status, as well as a date of verification, and what My Marijuana Community did to verify the business.

My Marijuana Community simply doesn’t have the resources to manually revise and verify every business related to catering to the Medical Marijuana Community in the US.

When you look at a Business Listing, you’re reading what that business owner entered. Verified business listings gives businesses the freedom and flexibilty they need to keep their product information, contact, ¬†and specials current. But business owners can mistype their address or phone number, move, and sometimes even go out of business.

Which might leave you wondering how fresh the business listings really are?

Keeping it Fresh

We try to keep our listings fresh for patients and accurate by allowing business owners to verify their listing with us.

Here are the four types of verification logos you can see:

  • Not Verified Business. You can probably guess what this means!
  • Verification in Progress. If a business has applied for verification and we are still awaiting documentation.
  • Fully Verified. This business has been verified using a combination of Articles of Incorporation, Duns & Bradstreet Number, Employer Tax ID (TIN/EIN), Bank Statements or Bills. Fully Verified does not mean you will love this business, their prices, their staff, or anything else about them. That’s what reviews are for. But isn’t it nice to know the business owner cares enough to let you know they’re “the real deal?”
  • Flagged for Removal. This can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes a listing is is obviously out of date, incorrect, or patently suspect (for goodness knows what reason). If this happens, we may flag the listing for removal. If no one hollers “Hey, that’s mine,” chances are it will become unpublished.

So Why Verify?

Verification is good for everyone. It shows consumers which business are more likely to be legitimate, and it gives businesses another point of separation between themselves and their competition.